The Moscow band Shakti Loka is a unique combination of electronic rock and mind-transforming sound.
Their music and performances create a feeling of overcoming gravity and the density of space, and their concerts transport the audience into poetic and dance shamanism.

Despite the diversity of musical tastes, ages, social strata and political views, Shakti Loka is popular with a wide audience. Russian poems and ancient mantras, English electronic music and American indie rock, acoustic double bass and beats are intertwined in their work.
The band's stylistic experiments surprise old listeners and attract new ones from album to album. Despite this, dedication to the creative flow and love for music and the word remain the main driving forces of Shakti Loka.

At the concerts of the band, you can meet both connoisseurs of fine poetry with a literary education, as well as fans of psychedelic rock,
as well as people who lead a conscious lifestyle and practice yoga, and aesthetic club youth.

The audience is waiting for inspiration and freedom from Shanti Loka, who over the years have expanded their sound from a minimalist to a rich electronic sound.
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